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Terms and Conditions


There are no restrictions based on age, training, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or where you live.

You can submit up to 5 different artworks, of any medium including paintings, photography, mixed media, sculpture, video art, etc.

You must be the owner of the submitted artworks and the work(s) submitted are of your own origination. You must hold all moral and intellectual property rights in the submitted artworks.

The entry fee is non-refundable. The Artist must check the Terms & Conditions carefully and any other criteria. The Artist may request a refund if under exceptional circumstances and will be entirely at the discretion of the organisers.

For any artworks submitted to the competition, you are not restricted in selling it, exhibiting it or any similar activity.

Once The Artist has submitted their entry form and made payment, no changes or additions will be allowed. The Artist may submit additional or new entries but will have to pay the entry fee as a completely new entry for these to be considered.

Once registered for this competition, all Artists agree that we, The Organisers and The Sponsors, may all reproduce the Artists' work for purposes of marketing, promotion, discussion and education, in media including catalogues and publications, posters, postcards, websites and social media and on television, and may license, under these conditions to others only for the same purposes, and only in relation to the New Emergence Art Prize or promotion of the Artist. The Organisers and The Sponsors also reserve the right to reproduce selected images for non–commercial purposes, for example in the Winners page of the website and catalogues, indefinitely, as a public record. 

Artists agree to be placed on The Organiser's mailing lists for our email newsletters and any other information that we may send you and grant full permission in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The Artist reserves the right to opt out of this at any time. 
Please note that we do not offer refunds for entries, unless The Organisers cannot accept the entry and that this is at The Organiser’s discretion.


A maximum of 5 artworks per Artist may be entered into the competition. 

The image submitted must accurately portray the artwork.

The artist must complete the entry form accurately.

Then the artist must pay the £15 entry fee the paypal link. Failure to do this will disqualify the artist’ entry to the competition.

The artist must then Email 1-5 JPG/JPEG images of their artwork (up to 2mb per file) OR a URL link to Youtube or Vimeo for videos to


the completed entry form(s) must be submitted online, using the submission form on this website.

Payment must be made by the stated final Deadline. Entries received late will be invalid unless the competition is extended for any reason, when entries received after then but before the new extended date will be valid.

The Judging Panel consists of up to 5 members of the New Emergence Art team, who have chosen to maintain their anonymity and may disclose this at a future date at their discretion. This will not impact the entry of artists.

Judges will not be eligible for entry to the competition.


Accepted media include but are not limited to: paintings, drawings, original prints, photography, sculptures, digitally produced artworks, mixed media constructions, video, sound, digital applications and installations.
Performance art is not accepted in this competition, although video art, and any recordings of performances are accepted.

For image files, please ensure they are at under 2Mb in size (we don't look at dpi, dots per inch). We prefer JPEG, but any standard image file format is accepted. Feel free to email us with any questions on this.

The Artist will receive a confirmation email within 14 days of submission or an email detailing any errors in the submission or with the payment. The Organisers do not issue invoices for entry payments.
Within 14 days after entry and The Organisers having received the entry fee (whichever is later), we will confirm (via email only) you have entered correctly. If you don't receive an email then contact us after the 14 day period.

If there are any issues, please contact us via email specifying the email and full name you used in the entry form, along with full details of the issues. We will endeavour to respond within 7 days.


Shortlisted artists will be contacted via email at the date specified on the ‘apply’ page of this website. The winner will then be chosen from this shortlist and will receive a payment of £250 paid via PayPal.

Shortlisted artists and the winner will be contacted for a feature in our online publication and be included as a featured artist for promotional purposes.


If you feel you have not been treated fairly after your acceptance of these terms and conditions of entry, please send us details of your complaint and we will endeavour to review it within 14 days.

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